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- VII -





                                                                                   VIDEOCUENTO VIII

"Sancho Is Tossed In The Blanket"

Once again back in her room, Maritornes realises that she has lost her coif in the sleeping room of the guests. As everyone is asleep, she slips upstairs to look for it, but is seen by Don Quixote's hound dog, who following the scent of his master, has just arrived at the inn.

The maid enters the room and retrieves her coif. Don Quixote is awake and in the half-light he takes the young girl for a spirit that has come to heal his wounds, and takes Maritornes by the hand, but she screams in fright. The muleteer awakens and is furious. He crosses the room, stepping on Sancho, and attacks Don Quixote. Maritornes drops her candle. Then everything is in pitch darkness, followed by blows, screams and confusion.

The innkeeper runs up to see what's going on. Some rats jump on him. And in the sleeping room, the fight continues. The muleteer hits Sancho, Sancho hits the girl and the girl blasts the muleteer.

A Cuadrillero (that is an Officer. of the Holy Brotherhood) hears the noise, takes a candle and climbs the stairs to find out what's happening.

There, he finds Don Quixote unconscious, and shouts:

"Don't anybody leave this inn! A man has been killed !"

at which Maritornes and the muleteer run away in fear, knocking down the cuadrillero and putting out his candle too.

The Cuadrillero goes down the stairs to look for a light. Don Quixote and Sancho remain upstairs alone and Don Quixote tells his squire about the strange adventure: the hand. of a colossal giant swiped the young maid from his hands, throwing him down into some infernal hole.

"This is why I am almost certain that the beautiful damsel
must be kept prisoner by some enchanted Moor."

to which Sancho adds: "More than four hundred attacked and pummeled me."
In the interim, the Cuadrillero returns with a new candle and, on seeing Don Quixote alive, asks: "How's it going, my good man?"

Our valiant knight felt not a little hurt by so disrespectful a phrase and called the Officer of the Holy Brotherhood a blockhead; and he, furious at such an affront, slammed the candle holder down on Don Quixote's head. The candle, once again, goes out, and the Cuadrillero leaves Don Quixote and Sancho alone in the dark. Don Quixote then exclaims to Sancho:

"This must be some sort of enchanted Moor. This is why
he whacks us and hits us with his candle."

Don Quixote then sends his squire to visit the castellan of the fortress to ask for oil, wine, rosemary and salt, in order to prepare the famous balsam of Fierabras, that will cure all wounds.
The effects of the balsam are surprising.

Marvelled at the wonderful healing effects the balsam of Fierabras had on Don Quixote, Sancho drinks up the rest of it in one gulp, and becomes violently ill.

"It is my belief; Sancho, that this illness has overtaken thee simply because thou aren't a knight-errant."

The illness lasts for several hours, but Don Quixote, feeling relieved, decides to go off in search of more adventures.

The knight thanks the innkeeper for the favors received in his castle and offers to pay for them by seeking revenge on someone who may have done a bad turn against the innkeeper; but Juan Palomeque (the innkeeper) only wants to collect in money. Don Quixote is surprised. to hear that it was an inn, but assures Juan Palomeque that knights-errant never pay for their room and found, which is due them by right of the Law of Chivalry.

Juan Palomeque and the muleteer dismount Sancho from his donkey and toss him in a blanket.

As the huge gate to the inn has been shut behind him, Don Quixote cannot defend his squire. Neither can he jump the fence as the weight of his armor hold him down.


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