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 A VIDEOCUENTO XXXVIII                                                        

"Don Quixote Rides Out to The Stars

Don Quixote and Sancho arrive at an inn, where they meet a gentleman named Alvaro Tarfe, Whom they accompany for part of the way, until they come to a Wood. Don Quixote and Sancho take the road through the wood and Don Alvaro continues on towards Granada, his home.

Sancho finishes off his penitence the same way he began, i.e. beating the beech trees, thus tricking Don Quixote. At dawn they both renew their journey towards Toboso, where they hope to find Dulcinea, now disenchanted, but things don't work out that way, so our long-suffering
knight decides to return home, leaving it all up to the will of the Supreme Being. They march night and day without finding Dulcinea and finally arrive home. The Knight of the Pitiful Figure is overcome by gray
omens but Sancho, with good reasons, tries to erase the pessimistic images from the mind of his master. Thus they enter in the village. The curate and barber come out to greet them, as well as Teresa and Sanchica who embrace Sancho. He comes not with his government of the isle but he
does bring a handsome sum of money. The squire and his family retire to
their house, and Don Quixote retires to his own. His niece and housekeeper receive him with open arms and joyful remarks. The barber goes to visit his good friend. When Don Quixote tells them of his intention to become a shepherd, the curate, barber and bachelor are thunder struck. But they decide to go along with it as it seems to them to be less offensive than his other mania of knight-errantry. Not So, however, his niece and housekeeper, who beg him to remain at home. where they can attend him, because, they explain, to be a shepherd, one must be young and strong.

His meloncholy at being defeated by the Knight of the White Moon plus his unhappiness at not seeing Dulcinea disenchanted all help to worsen the already delicate health of Don Quixote. The doctor is summoned and the brave knight is made to retire to his bed, where his soul is to rest, as his body is beyond help. He then falls into a sound slumber, in which he recalls past adventures. On awakening, he informs his niece that he has recovered his senses and is now sorry for having read so many books on chivalry. He asks that the curate be called to confess him, and the local scribe to take note of his last will and testament. The niece and housekeeper are filled with pity, as are Sancho Panza and the other friends of Don Alonso Quijano the Good, whom they are attending in these last moments of his life. But the fame of Don Quixote de la Mancha is immortal...


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