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                                                                          VIDEOCUENTO XXXVIII

"The Knight Of The White Moon

One morning as Don Quixote finds himself on the Beach of Barcelona, a horseman suddenly makes his appearance (the Knight of the White Moon)on scene and challenges him. The conditions of the combat are to be that
the loser is to be at the disposition of the victor. Don Quixote accepts,
invoking first the name of his lovely lady, Dulcinea, to give himself good luck in the fray, and then tears into his opponent. The Knight of the Pitiful Figure is toppled by his rival due to the weakness of Rocinante, who is unable to resist the attack of the other horse. Having
gained his point, the Knight of the White Moon gallops off on his powerful charger. Antonio Moreno, who has witnessed it all, runs after him. Meanwhile, Sancho goes to the aid of his surprised master. The winner arrives at Barcelona, followed by Antonio, and both of them enter the hostal where the Knight is stopping. Antonio finds the mysterious person shedding his armor in this hotel room. It is the bachelor Samson Carrasco, who has finally got Don Quixote to desist in his mad venture, giving up his knightly forays for the space of one year, at least, hoping that it will be sufficient time for his madness to be cured. So, after taking leave of Antonio (who sees his plans to have more fun at the expense of Don Quixote and Sancho thwarted), Samson returns to his village.

During the next six days, Don Quixote is in bed resting up from his
defeat and the soreness of his body from the fall, his mind wandering
and his imagination tormenting him as he wrestles with the painful remindfulness of so dreadful a setback. Then sometime later on, the knight and his squire, returning to their village, pass through the same wood where not too long before they had known some shepherdess who were living a peaceful existence with Mother Nature. Don Quixote decides to imitate them and become a shepherd himself for the time that he must be
separated from his life of chivalry. He will become the shepherd Quixotis and Sancho the shepherd Pancino, and together they will wander in the woods singing and playing music. Sancho is convinced that when the barber, curate and bachelor discover their new plans, they will all want
to follow suit and become shepherds, too. Don Quixote thinks that the
bachelor Samson Carrasco might well call himself. the shepherd Carrascón,
Master Nicholas would then become Miculoso and the curate Curiambro. As
the Lady of his Thoughts already has a pastoral name, she will remain

Night overtakes them as they romanticize on their new bucolic life under the open skies. Don Quixote censures Sancho for not having complied with the penitence placed Upon him so that Dulcinea might be disenchanted, in accordance with the instructions of the wizard Merlin.

Sancho continues to find new excuses for not whipping himself, when, suddenly they hear a tremendous din, which quite naturally frightens our skittish squire. A herd of pigs seem to come out of nowhere knocking down Don Quixote and Sancho before they can avoid it. Sancho, furious at what has happened, asks his master to lend him his sword to teach the impetuous beasts a lesson. But Don Quixote says: "Leave them be, friend, for this affront is ought but just requital for my defeat and fair punishment 'tis for a vanquished knight to be run over. by a herd of pigs. "


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