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                                                                                      VIDEOCUENTO XXXVII

"Adventure In The Galleys

Don Quixote, Sancho and Roque Guinart head out for Barcelona, being careful to take hidden short cuts. On arriving that night, the bandit gives Sancho ten escudos and takes leave of Don Quixote telling him to wait for Antonio Moreno, a friend of his , who will come looking for them. Then Roque returns to the wood where his fellow rogues are waiting
for him, but on passing by a police post, the sentries give him chase.

The bandit hides in a tree as his horse continues running away, and in
this fashion he is able to evade justice.

Dawn breaks. Sancho is ataken by the immensity of the sea. Antonio Moreno arrives and invites Don Quixote to be his guest. As they cross the city, two street urchins waggishly toss over-ripe tomatoes at them. Antonio is a gentleman but also has a great sense of humor, and in order to play a joke on Don Quixote, he sticks a sign on his back that reads: "THIS IS DON QUIXOTE DE LA MANCHA" .The people, on seeing this, repeat his name, and our nobleman thinks that it is because his fame has preceded him to Barcelona. Later by, in Antonio's palace, he takes his guest to a drawing-room and, in great secrecy, shows him a bust that rests on a table, telling Don Quixote that It was a sage wizard who sold it to him.

The bust, he explains, is able to answer all questions put to it. Don Quixote and Sancho are awed at such prodigy, but on leaving the room, a little trap door in the floor opens and one of Antonio's servants appears. The servant is the one who has answered the questions through a hidden opening between the table and the bust. Antonio invites his guests to look at the galleys anchored in the bay. They go aboard the flagship and the galley slaves tease Sancho tossing him into the air. Don Quixote unsheeathes his sword and puts an end to the joke. The ships weight anchor on the sound of cannon shots from Montjuich Fortress, which is the signal that enemy vessels are in the offing. The Spanish ships attack and capture one of the Algerian privateers. The captain is a beautiful Moslem girl named Ana Félix , daughter of one “Ricote”, shopkeeper from Sancho Panza’s village. When the Moslems were banished from Spain, Ana sought refuge in Algiers. When the king learned of the wealth that the Ricote family had hidden in their native land, he then forced her to sail on the ship under the custody of a renegade. She was supposed to disembark in Spain, recuperate the family treasure and return to Berbería, but the ships of the viceroy turned the tables and captured the Moslem ship.
When she finished telling her story, a passenger on the same ship who had been listening to her tale unfold, suddenly took her in his arms, hugged her and said that he was her father. He had been in Germany and was now returning to their old village to look for the hidden treasure and rescue his daughter.

Sancho bares witness to Ricote's story. The viceroy is moved by the tears
of the father and daughter and grants them freedom to live in Spain, all
of which pleases Don Quixote and Sancho no end.


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