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- XXXV -





                                                                                 VIDEOCUENTO XXXVI

"The Road To Barcelona"

Don Quixote and Sancho bypass Saragossa on their way to Barcelona.

After a long day's march, they enter a wood, where they spend the night.
While Sancho sleeps, Don Quixote's mind turns to thoughts of Dulcinea and becomes irritated and impatient at the phlegmatic nature of his squire in regards to the self-lashing that will free _his lady fair of her wicked enchantment. He then draws near to where Sancho is slumbering and, taking Rocinante's reins, prepares to whip him. Sancho awakens, startled and defends himself bravely.

"How so? Dare thou to attack thy master, the very one who gives thee thy daily bread?" .exclaims the offended gentleman...

"I am the least of all creatures but I am my own master and I help myself", replied Sancho. The row ends as Sancho promises to comply with his duty voluntarily.

At dawn, when they are still sleeping, a band of rogues surround them. Don Quixote is unable to defend himself and both of them fall into the hands of the bandits.

"Don't feel so bad, my good man, because you have fallen into the hands of Roque Guinart, who is softer than he is hard", says the chief of the outlaws in order to cheer up Don Quixote.

"That is not what makes me feel bad, but rather through my carelessness, your men have caught me off guard and unarmed", replies the Knight of the Pitiful Figure to his captor.

At that moment, one of the bandits, who was on guard in the road, hard by the wood, comes up to inform them of the presence of an approaching carriage. Roque displays some of his men, who stop and take the coach. In the carriage are a lady, a captain, an aged pilgrim (besides the coach-
man), none of whom are able to defend themselves. However, Roque is con-
tent just with the demand of a small sum of money, but takes nothing from
the pilgrim, whom he even gives a small sum of money. The travelers, happy for having come out of so unfortunate an adventure with so few losses, continue their trip. Roque divides the booty with his followers, keeping nothing for himself, and all of them return to the camp where Don
Quixote and Sancho are waiting with the other bandits. The knight is trying to convince the outlaws of the wickedness of their way, and reform
them. When Roque arrives on scene, he preaches to him also. But Roque declares that he became a bandit in order to avenge himself for an injustice committed some time ago.

"Señor Roque, the principle of health lies first in identifying the illness, and then, in wanting to be cured. If your Grace would like to be saved, then come with me. I will shoW ye how to become a knight- errant, where are to be found so many tasks which, when considered as penitence, will lead quickly to the road of righteousness."

Roque remains pensive, meditating the wise words of the great Don Qiixote. He and Sancho spend the night in the bandits' camp.


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