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 A VIDEOCUENTO XXXII                 

                                                                       VIDEOCUENTO XXXIV

"Adios To Barataria

In his letter to Teresa, Sancho tells her that he is now the Governor of an isle and he also sends a dress for Sanchica. He tells how he and Don Quixote visited the Cave of Montesinos and that the Wizard Merlin needs him to disenchant Dulcinea del Toboso, better known as Aldonza Lorenzo.

Teresa pays a visit to the barber and the curate and informs them of everything, and shows them the coral necklace sent to her by the duchess.

The rider confirms the truth of what is said in the letters from Sancho and the duchess.

Doña Rodríguez and a maiden enter the hall where Don Quixote is. The lady asks him to help her oblige the youth to keep his promise and marry her daughter. Don Quixote decides to confront the disloyal youth.

The duel takes place in the square of the castle, presided over by the duke and duchess, doña Rodríguez and her daughter. Don Quixote and his rival are armed to the nines. As the trumpets Bound and the drums roll, the two rivals clash in mortal combat. As the opponent of the Knight of the Pitiful Figure passes in front of the platform where doña Rodríguez and the maid are seated, he suddenly feels attracted by the young girl's beauty, and refuses to continue the duel. He tells the duke that he gives up because he now wants to marry the beautiful girl.

But when he lifts up the visor of his helmit, doña Rodríguez realises
that he is not the same young man who jilted her daughter, but rather a man named Tosilos, a servant of the duke. The lady calls for justice and Don Quixote assures her that all has been the work of the enchanters, enemies of his, who, envious of his assured victory over the disloyal
youth, have transformed his semblance into that of a servant of the duke.
"This knight who now asks for my hand in marriage, be he whomever he may be, I hereby affirm that I should one thousand times over prefer to be the wife of a mere lackey than the jilted bride of a day laborer";
cries out the daughter of doña Rodríguez, thus putting an end to the

Then one night on the isle, Sancho is rudely awakened from a sound slumber by cries of "To arms! To arms!" A powerful enemy is attacking Barataria and the islanders plead to their frightened Governor for leadership against the invaders. They then improvise a breastplate for Sancho, fashioned out of two enormous shields, that leave him immobile.
Yet, all is but a practical joke being played on the gullible Sancho by the waggish servants of the duke and duchess, who merely feign fighting amongst themselves. They toss Sancho down and trample over him, yelling and shouting and firing their guns. Finally victory is theirs, thanks to the bravura of the gallant Sancho Panza, or, at least, this is what they tell him... But the poor fellow is in no mood for celebrations. So, retiring to his private rooms, he gathers his squire's robes, looks for Rucio, and takes to the road in the direction of the castle of the duke and duchess. He listens not to the pleading of his subjects, Who are now sorry for what they have done, realizing that they went too far with the joke.


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