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- XXIX -




 A VIDEOCUENTO XXVIII                

                                                                          VIDEOCUENTO XXX

"Dulcinea Must Be Disenchanted

As Master Nicholas is taking care of a customer, he sees Don Quixote's hound dog pass in front of his barber shop, just escaped from home and on his way to find his master. The barber finishes off clipping his customer's head, leaving it like a billiard ball and rushes out in pursuit of the dog, which he catches using a sweet as bait. He then takes the dog back home by the ear, but some children playing in the street, in defense of the animal, throw stones at Master Nicholas, and the hound escapes, hiding in his master's house.

On his way to find Don Quixote, the bachelor Samson Carrasco arrives at Belmont Castle, where he takes a rest-break, before continuing on to Saragossa, by way of Cuenca.

The Duke and Duchess prepare a hunt and invite Don Quixote and Sancho along. The dogs smell out a wild boar and hedge it in. Neither Don Quixote nor the Duke and Duchess are able to defend themselves from the
wild beast. Rucio starts and belts, throwing Sancho against the branch
of a tree, in which he remains prisoner. Then just as the boar runs under
the branch where Sancho is hanging, the branch gives way under the weight
and Sancho falls on top of the luckless animal, catching it without realizing what he has done.

The Duke and Duchess, Don Quixote and Sancho then celebrate the grand occasion under a tent in the middle of the wood.

When the feast is over, night has already fallen and the wood is fantastically lit up. Sounds of war are to be heard, such as the passing of cavalry stomping by. Then before the startled eyes of Don Quixote and
his squire, a postillion gallops by dressed as the Devil.

The postillion comes in quest of Don Quixote de la Mancha, and is followed by many bewitched ones, who bring with them the lady Dulcinea
del Toboso, accompanied by the wizard Merlin, who will inform them how
Dulcinea is to be disenchanted.

Then the following personages appear, on an ox-drawn cart: Lirgandeo
the Wise; Alquife, great friend of Urganda; Alcalaus the witch, enemy
of Amadis de Gaula; and finally, Merlin, the Prince of Black Magic, who
informs them that the pitiful and suffering voice of Dulcinea has reached
his ears and he has thus learned of her enchantment. He continues by saying that after having consulted a thousand books of wisdom, he has at last come up with the means of disenchanting her.

"Oh, great and valiant Don Quixote! Hear me out this day! In order for the incomparable and most beauteous lady Dulcinea to recover her natural state, your squire must serve himself three thousand and three hundred lashes on his buttocks”.

But Sancho rebels at the suggestion and Don Quixote threatens to put the lash to him, but Merlin intervenes and says that Sancho alone must lash himself or, contrariwise, allow someone else, with a heavier hand than his own, to do the job. The duke then informs Sancho that if he should refuse to whip himself, he will not be given the governorship of the promised isle. At this point the wizards disappear into the night carrying off the Lady Dulcinea with them.

The duke and duchess then celebrate their triumph with fireworks and at sunrise, they all return to the castle, Don Quixote thinking about his Dulcinea and Sancho about the lashing he must give himself. The duke and duchess are very happy with the scheme they have contrived and are already thinking up another one when this one is over.


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