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- XXIV -




 A VIDEOCUENTO XXIII                                           

                                               VIDEOCUENTO XXV

"The Wedding of Camacho"

The curate and the barber pay a visit to the bachelor, who is entirely covered with bandages from his battle with Don Quixote. Samson Carraso promises them that as soon as his wounds heal, he will sally forth anew in quest of the Manchegan Nobleman and bring him home, sure that this time he will not fail.

By this time, Don Quixote and Sancho have arrived at the home of the Knight of the Green Gaban, where they are most hospitably received by his wife and son. Our nobleman believes that he is the guest in a castle and astounds , sometimes out of his madness and others out of the most lucid reasoning, his surprised hosts. Finally, he takes leave of the Knight of the Green Gaban and his family, as he wants to visit the Cave of Montesinos, as he has heard so many fantastic tales about it.

The Nobleman and his squire then encounter two students, who are on their way home, returning from the University of Salamanca. Don Quixote informs them that he is the Knight of the Lions and that he is roaming the world in quest of adventure. The students invite him to accompany them to the wedding of the richest man in La Mancha. Camacho-the-Rich is to marry Quiteria the Beautiful. But Quiteria has a suitor named Basilio who, because he is poor, has not been able to court her. The two students wind up dueling each other in order to prove which of them is the better swordsman.

They arrive a Camacho's village at cock-shut. The entire village is adorned for the wedding, which is to take place the following day. There is music in the air and the peasants are dancing. Don Quixote and Sancho take their leave of the two students, and spend the night in a nearby wood.

The next morning, the Knight and his squire attend the wedding. A large number of cooks are busy preparing the feast and Sancho lets his appetite run away with him.

Just as the bride and groom are about to be pronounced man and wife,
Basilio Shows up on scene, and recriminates Quiteria for having left him for a man richer than he.

Then in the presence of one and all, and much to their great surprise, Basilio feigns suicide by pretending to run himself through with a sword.

Then Quiteria agrees to marry him in articulo mortis, as he appears to be taking his last breath. But far from that, Basilio shows them all that it was merely a trick to get Quiteria to marry him.

Camacho protests. The two rival lovers face one another in a duel, but
Don Quixote settles things declaring that Quiteria is Basilio's and
that Basilio is Quiteria's by Divine Right.

Then after Camacho has calmed down, he decides that the wedding celebration must continue just as though nothing had happened. Basilio,
Quiteria, their student friends, Don Quixote and Sancho all leave the


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