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- XVII -




 A VIDEOCUENTO XVI                

                                                                                 VIDEOCUENTO XVIII

"The Procession of the Penitents"

The ox-cart driven by the ox-herd continues along until they arrive at a valley, where they unyoke the oxen so that they may rest, and Sancho asks the curate to allow Don Quixote to come out of the cage as 'tis not just that a gentleman of his standing should be so treated. Then, the prisoner
adds: "I give my word not to escape, and what is more, as I have been bewitched, I cannot escape anyway."

So, with this promise, they let him out and, after having taken leave of the Officers of the Holy Brotherhood, who have now completed their mission escorting him this far, they all sit down under the shade of a tree to eat and rest.

While they eat, chat and rest, they see a spotted nanny goat running towards them, followed by the owner, close on her heels. They invite him to sit down and rest and partake of their food, which he does, and then begins to tell them about his love life. When he has finished his story, Don Quixote speaks to him in such a wise as to make the goatherd wonder about Don Quixote's Sanity, and asks Master Nicholas who the strange gentleman is. The humorous barber says that Don Quixote is the undoer of wrongdoings, the repairer of injustices, etc. and famous knight-errant. "That's what I thought, and it's easy to see that he has a pumpkin for a head”, replies the goatherd. On hearing this, Don Quixote picks up a half oaf of bread, left over from the meal, and whacks him over the head. They both then begin scuffling. On seeing that his master is getting the worst of the fracas, Sancho takes the goatherd by the neck of his shirt and the seat of his breeches and pulls him away.

After calming down, the goatherd takes his nanny goat and leaves. Then they all see a procession of penitents who are on their way to a hermitage in the valley and carrying an image of the Virgin Mary.
Don Quixote gallops away in their direction, not listening to the pleas of Sancho, and comes upon the penitents.

"Ye cannot be good men and true”, shouts Don Quixote to the penitents,
"because ye wear your heads covered! Release at once the lady whom ye hold captive!" But when they hear so absurd a pronouncement, they realize that the gentleman before them is not in possession of his senses, and they laugh out loud at him. Don Quixote attacks them, and one of them hits him over the head with a lamp, knocking off the basin and causing him to fall off his nag.

Sancho runs up to help his poor master, who is wallowing in the dust, and he cries thinking him dead. Meantime, the dog and crow, who have been following Don Quixote's scent, stop at a puddle to refresh themselves with a drink of water. The two animals see the Officers of the Holy Brotherhood, who were accompanying Don Quixote, go by at the gallop.

Panoramic view. A hill with windmills on the road back to Don Quixote's village, over which our travelers must pass.

Sancho cries over Don Quixote still believing him dead, saying: "Oh, Flower of knighthood! It cannot be that just one fell blow has put an end to thy well-spent life!"

Rocinante also appears to be crying over its master. The curate and barber arrive to where the knight has fallen, but on hearing the wailing of the others, Don Quixote sits up a little and says to Sancho: "Help me back into the enchanted cart. I do not feel up to mounting Rocinante, as
my shoulder has been cudgeled to bits."


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