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 A VIDEOCUENTO XV                

                                                                            VIDEOCUENTO XVII

"The Bewitchment of Don Quixote

Don Quixote is standing guard without his armor, helmet or sword, over the inn (which he believes to be a castle), and tells the Officers of the Holy Brotherhood, who are outside calling to get in, that they must wait unto dawn before the drawbridge can be dropped. But the men force the gate open and enter.

Once inside the inn, the chief of the Officers faces Don Quixqte, and
thinks he recognizes him as the madman who freed the galley slaves a few days earlier. “I bring a court order to arrest this man for having helped the galley slaves to escape”, he says, brandishing the warrant.

Meanwhile, the innkeeper accompanies Don Quixote to his bed, in the sleeping quarters, so that he may rest after having stood watch for so long and the curate explains Don Quixote's madness to the Officers and how he, for this reason, had freed the galley slaves.

In the interim, back at Don Quixote's house, his housekeeper and niece are extremely worried over his long absence, stand in the doorway, with a
lantern, praying that poor don Alonso Quijano will soon return safe and

The curate enlists the help of the Officers of the Holy Brotherhood in order to take Don Quixote back home, making him believe that he has been bewitched; as this way, once they get him home, they can cure him of his knighthood-madness...

At dawn, the Officers, who have disguised themselves as ghosts, take Don Quixote from his room, without his waking up, as he is soundly asleep from his haying stood guard so many hours without resting , and they all leave the inn putting Don Quixote (still asleep) in a cage made of sticks and placed on an ox-cart, which they had previously contracted from a drover, and they all strike out for the nobleman’s village.

Sancho is also with them, although he is unaware of what is really going on, as well as the curate, the barber, Dorothy (who has bidden good-bye
to Zoraida after promising to attend her wedding) and don Fernando. The hound dog tries to follow his master but is stopped by Juan Palomeque, the innkeeper, shutting the gate to the inn, locking him inside.

On awakening from his long sleep, Don Quixote finds himself locked up in a cage and riding on an ox-cart. The Officers, disguised, guard the cart
and Sancho, still in the dark, continues along behind mounted on his donkey and carrying the reins of Rocinante, who is hauling Don Quixote's armor.

Don Quixote calls to his squire, saying: "I have read many a story of knights-errant who were bewitched, but they were never carried away in this fashion."

However, on discovering himself enchanted, he resigns himself to his
fate and consoles himself and the others.
Finally, both the hound dog abandons the inn (thanks to the cleverness of the crow) and pick up the scent of Don Quixote and the others.

The bewitched knight has a vision in which he sees Dulcinea smiling at him and holding out her arms, all of which fills him with joy and rapture.

On arriving at a crossroads, they stop. Dorothy and Fernando, who are mounted on horses (he on a white one) take their leave of the curate and Master Nicholas (the barber), who are mounted on mules.


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