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- XIV -





                                                                                VIDEOCUENTO XV

The Prisoner's Story"

Captain Rui Pérez de Viedma (which is the name of our visitor) was captured and taken to Algiers where he met Zoraida the young girl who is with him at the inn. As she had fallen in love with the captain, she decided to help him escape, along with his other comrades who were in prison with him. They managed to come by a small navigable craft in which they set sail for the Spanish mainland. But unfavorable winds carried them back into the shore they had started from. Here they were discovered by the Moorish guard in the lookout tower. Finally, however, they managed to escape again, in spite of the cannon fire, and made it out to the high seas.

Just when they had begun to feel safe, they came upon a French privateer, and were boarded by the pirates. After a short and unequal battle, they lost their small vessel.

After robbing Zoraida of her jewels, the pirates gave them a small skiff in which they arrived at Vélez-Málaga. Then they parted company, each one taking off in a different direction. Rui Pérez and Zoraida headed off towards the mountains of Leon where the captain's father lived. On the way, they had chanced to stop at the inn of Juan Palomeque, where they put up for the night.

Everyone at the inn was celebrating the happy end to the story of the captive captain and his lady fair, and Don Quixote congratulated him on his bravery.

Dorothy offers to be Zoraida's maid of honor at her wedding with Rui Pérez, once she and don Fernando are married themselves.

They all retire to their respective chambers, except Don Quixote, who
stands watch over what he believes to be a castle (instead of an inn) so that no giants or other such demon could attack them in their sleep. As Rui Pérez is quite surprised by the nobleman's actions, don Fernando informs him that the Knight of the Pitiful Countenance is the last remaining knight-errant in all the world, and also the most valiant and noble of them all.

Don Quixote continues to stand watch. In his make-shift bedroom, Sancho sleeps soundly. The hound dog enters and looks at him, licks his face affectionately, and Sancho covers himself, but the hound uncovers him pulling at the bed clothes with his teeth. After a Blight struggle, the dog manages to take the blanket off of Sancho and pulls it down to the floor; he continues to lick Sancho, who smiles, and says:

"All right, all right! That's enough. You're tickling me."


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