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- XIII -




                                                                                         VIDEOCUENTO XIV

"More Curious Incidents That Occurred At The Inn"

The curate pays the innkeeper for the loss of the skins and wine, plus the straw and barley that Rocinante and Rucio consumed. Sancho presents himself before Dorothy assuring her that he had seen the head of the giant, and that if it cannot be found, ‘tis because it is haunted.

"Don’t afflict thyself so, Sancho, I believe thee. When I return to
my kingdom, which Don Quixote has promised to pacify, I shall give thee the finest county ever dreamed of”

That evening, don Fernando, Dorothy’s lover, who had to separate from her on orders of his father, the Duke, arrives at the inn, with the hope of finding his true love. Sancho witnesses the encounter and realizes that Dorothy is simply Dorothy and is not really a princess.

“What sayeth thou, you stupid bloke?” protests Don Quixote on being
informed by Sancho.

“Just that! That the Princess isn’t really a princess... maybe it's
an enchantment!" On not finding either Dorothy nor don Fernando inside the inn, both knight and squire go out into the corral, ready to solve this mysterious matter.

Meanwhile, Maritornes goes up to clean up the sleeping room. Down in the
patio, Dorothy and don, Fernando see Sancho and Don Quixote looking for the Princess of Micomicón. She immediately explains the whole story to her fiancé, who slips away so that the comedy may be carried on. Then Don Quixote discovers Dorothy and says:

"My squire informs me that thou hath been transformed from princess
into simple maid."

"'Tis certain that a happy change has come over me, but I have not
stopped being what I was before, when thou fought and defeated the giant and returned my Kingdom."

Don Quixote becomes infuriated with Sancho, thinking that he had lied to him.

"Calm down, Your Grace! I may have been fooled by the transformation of the princess, as in this inn, everything is happening as if by enchantment!"

He runs to the stables and hides under a pile of hay, where Dorothy and Don Quixote rescue him, nearly asphyxiated . Then they take Sancho to the well and give him a good drink of fresh water. But the scatterbrained squire drinks too much.

"I was thirsty, but not so much so!”

"Take heart, Sancho, and let's go up to our lodgings, and rest up a
"I will rest better alone, so that no more adventures happen to me."

Sancho then takes refuge in the stables and cuddles up to his donkey, but has a terrible nightmare.

That night some more travelers arrive at the inn. From their dress, they look like Moors recently arrived from Arabia. On seeing them, Sancho thinks that the Arabs have invaded Spain again, and calls Don Quixote in a loud voice. The travelers, a man and a woman, tell the Knight of the Pitiful Countenance, the barber, the curate, Dorothy and don Fernando (Who is pretending to be the Ambassador of Micomicón, who has come to accompany the princess back to her kingdom) the story of their vicissitudes up to the moment of their arrival at the inn. In the naval battle of the Gulf of Corinth, the combined forces of Spain, Venice and Genoa, under the command of don Juan of Austria, had vanquished the powerful fleet of the Turks, under the command of the terrible Al’-Bajá.


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