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- XI -






                                                          A VIDEOCUENTO XII

"Dulcinea of El Toboso"

Sancho dreams that he has gone to El Toboso to deliver his master’s
message to Dulcinea. Later on, the curate, the barber and Sancho leave for Sierra Morena.

The hound awakens and runs out of the inn in quest of the squire. Meantime, they have arrived at a wood. The curate explains to Sancho that the disguises are to fool Don Quixote into returning home. But Sancho is not convinced. He believes that it is truly knight-errantry that has ordered that his master go out into the world in quest of adventures, to undo wrong-doings. Besides, he cannot forget that he is to become the governor of an island.

The curate and Master Nicholas see a young man resting on the edge of a river. But the boy turns out to be a beautiful young girl who, upon seeing herself discovered, runs from them. They catch up with her and tell her why they are there. Dorothy, as this is the girl's name, offers to play the part of the damsel in distress, and Master Nicholas will be her squire. They return to where Sancho is and explain to him that the girl is Princess Micomicona of Guinea, and that she needs the help of Don Quixote.

The innocent Sancho swallows the story and then they all set out to find
the knight-errant. Dorothy kneels before him saying that she won't rise until he consents to the boon that she has come to beseech of him, and begs that he accompany her to her country and not to undertake more adventures until she gets revenge on the usurper of her father's kingdom.

"With the help of God All Mighty and my strong right arm, thy father will again reign supreme in Micomicón"
swears Don Quixote.

They camp that night in the mountains. The curate is trying to think
of a way to present himself before don Alonso Quijano without his becoming suspicious. Dorothy tells the gallant knight-errant how her father was dethroned by Pandafilando of the Squinty Vision, who can take on the form and shape that most serves him at the moment to fool his enemies. Don Quixote is astonished by it all. The curate immediately replaces the false beard on the barber, pronouncing some mysterious words.
"Oh! With aught but an incantation he has put his beard back on
again!" exclaims Don Quixote.

Then Don Quixote asks the curate what he is doing in such a place.

"I was on my way to Seville to collect an inheritance, but some vile highwaymen asalted me on the way and robbed both my bag and my mule, leaving me abandoned in the field."

The Licentiate describes the thieves to Don Quixote making him believe that it was the galley slaves who robbed him, the very ones that he had set free a few days before.


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